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Updated: 2016-04-02


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The Starlight Educaltural Institute welcomes you, and your interest in a better world, a truly humane Global Village.



S.E.I   Vision :


Promote Global Village Benefits for ALL Caring People.



S.E.I   Mission  (a) :


Enable people to "live a life richer than they can imagine" lifestyle by embracing a Global Village Mindset.



S.E.I   Mission  (b) :


Create shared economies-of-scale initiatives in education, culture, housing and other aspects of Global Village living.



S.E.I   Mission  (c) :


Undertake research initiatives in education, culture and other aspects of Global Village living to create synergistic solutions for better living.




The S.E.I  website is the place to get current NEWS and find out details about our initiatives in promoting the Global Village Mindset, as well as our research, activities and publications.  We invite you to read up on our Founder's activities and commentary on his blog.


You may also wish to look at our "Introduction to S.E.I " flash presentation as shown below:




We take this opportunity to invite those who believe in the above to become supporters, and even sponsors of our efforts.


The S.E.I  website is also a means for the public to provide feedback to us on the variety of content to be found here.





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