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Updated: 2016-06-07


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The Starlight Educaltural Institute is in the process of compiling and reviewing its inventory of research topics.  Please revisit this page at a later date for an update on our progress and available reports.  On a related note, if you have seen a report or article that you believe would be of interest to S.E.I,  then please do advise us... we will credit you as described on our Supporters page.  Thank you in advance for your pro-activity.



Say it Loud !
Summer 2015 Newsletter

  S.E.I  Introduction
July 2016 Presentation

Say it Loud !
Winter 2015 Newsletter

  S.E.I  Balanced Lifestyle
April 2016 Lecture

Say it Loud !
Summer 2016 Newsletter

  S.E.I  Career Choices
May 2016 Lecture
    S.E.I  Look Forward
June 2016 Lecture
    S.E.I  Change Coming
July 2016 Lecture



Say it Loud !  newsletterS


The Starlight Educaltural Institute is pleased to present its "Say it Loud !" newsletter, the Summer 2016 Issue, which will soon be available to the general public.  Check out the "preview" below.  Better yet, register at sei@grp.starlight.ca to receive your personal copy.


If you have not seen the previous issues already, click below on the Issue of interest to see the a PDF copy of the Premiere Summer 2015  and/or the Winter 2015 issues.



Here's a "sneak peek" at the upcoming "Say it Loud !" Newsletter Summer 2016 Issue: