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Updated: 2016-04-04


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   May 20, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman returning to Canada

With some projects gathering interest, our Chairman will be returning to Canada sometime this summer to coordinate further development of Canada-based activities, one of which is the G4Habitat concept-project.  As such, we have initiated a new activity, the Educaltural Family Homestay.  Check it out. 


   May 20, 2016

S.E.I 's website updated

We've added more and/or updated some information to better explain our Vision and Mission as well as provide details on some of our initiatives.  Happy reading. 


April 8, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman posts on LinkeIN... again

Seems Canada is not immune to the impact of the Panama Papers.  As a leader of S.E.I, our Chairman presents his take on the situation and offers a possible solution that will help middle-class Global Villagers avoid extinction.  Check out... MORE. 


April 8, 2016

S.E.I  finds a Student Coordinator

Great news !   Mr. Yao Xin / 姚鑫, a Chinese national from Wuhan, has accepted to become the Student Coordinator for S.E.I.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship based on a synergistic cooperation.  Check out ... MORE .  


April 7, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman posts on LinkeIN

With all the news about tax havens, greed, corruption, financial crises and mounting cynicism about society’s leaders and their lack of action to remedy the burden being pushed onto their middleclass citizens, our Chairman is... MORE


April 7, 2016

S.E.I 's GVM concept on the right track

Breaking News !  UCLA neuroscientists confirm that human beings are noble beings whose instincts are to be caring towards each other, to "follow" the Golden Rule... MORE 


April 7, 2016

S.E.I 's GVM concept urgently needed

A recent post by Mr. Angel Gurría, the Secretary General at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD – OCDE), on LinkedIN brought to light the even more urgent for S.E.I's Global Village Mindset, and made it important that... MORE


April 2, 2016

S.E.I  updates its GVM concept

With the addition of Christopher Hill as President of S.E.I, our Chairman as gained not only a talented manager, but also some free time... time to devote to our core research, and also to expand and clarify... MORE




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