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Updated: 2016-05-20


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S.E.I  is an initiative of the founder to collate his varied research and invite other like-minded individuals to cooperate in creating synergies that will move their research forward that much faster.


S.E.I  is also an initiative to present the founder's activity projects that would see the realisation of some Global Village activities, both his and others current offerings, and new proposals to come from the Institute's synergistized ongoing research.



INITIATIVES   ...as of May 20, 2016


Reports Projects

The Good and Bad of Economic Growth

on Citizens Lifestyles


Comparison of Developmental Indicators :

 Japan vs China


Educaltural Alternatives to Homestay

in Foreign Countries


Professional Development

in a Global Village


Educaltural Learning Strategies


Building a Civilized Citizenship


Immigrating Abroad :

Good, Bad & Ugly


 The New China :

the Good & Bad


Continuing Education and Cultural ParticipAction as a Venue to a Truly Independent Retirement


Empowering Seniors


The New Sharing Paradigm :

How to Participate and What to Know


Global Citizenship : W5h


Wealth or Happiness :

The Question of the 21st Century


Influence of Gambling
on Sports Outcomes


Impact of Refereeing Decisions
on Sports Outcomes & Event Ticket Sales


Impact of Extracurricular Activities
on Family Cohesiveness


E.F.H (Canada) :

...live with S.E.I 's founder in Ottawa, Canada, while you study in a local high school or university. 


G4Habitat (Canada) :
..an educaltural student and seniors' homestay manor.


Tour Canada, summer 2017, for qualifying graduating students


Tour Canada, winter 2018, for university students & adults


CanChi Fun-Putt (China) :
..an outdoor/indoor family activity center


CanChi Educaltural Camp+Travel (Canada) :
..summer camping and travel educaltural vacations for qualifying Chinese students (middle & high schools)


CanChi Caregivers (China+Canada) :
..training local graduating nurses in preparation for their working abroad as seniors' caregivers


Starlight Educaltural Resorts (China) :
..a resort environment where participants learn Chinese arts & culture from local masters while enjoying a relaxing luxurious stay


Starlight PRO Homestay (China) :
..providing professionals with a venue to become bilingual (English-Chinese) in a short time while continuing their career


International Nursing Institute (China) :
..training graduating nurses in preparation for their working abroad as qualified nurses


Alliance of Sages (Global) :
..promoting an independent lifestyle for retirees and seniors while also promoting their value to society


Villa Alfred Xavier (Canada) :
..providing a living environment that will maintain and even enhance the "global health" of resident-members... retirees (aged 55 to 70, or more) who are still autonomous







Join us

for a 10-day

guided tour in Canada with our Founder during the summer of 2017.