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Updated: 2015-11-27


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The Starlight Educaltural Institute has been set up to undertake much needed research that will lead to the development of activities that promote a Global Village Mindset in citizens around the world... a world in dire need of people with not only the leadership and entrepreneurial skills and education, but also the cultural integrity and world view to lead mankind into a golden age of humane behaviour for a truly humane Global Village.


As such, we rely on information... lots of information, and from differing sources.  We therefore look forward to submissions of worthy source material from all sources, all providers, no matter their level in society.  Please check out our Supporters page for further details.


S.E.I  has been incorporated in Hong Kong, China.  Hong Kong is known as a global financial and entrepreneurial region.  Our complete business address is : 

Starlight Educaltural Institute Ltd.,

Suite 1005, Prosperous Building,

48-52 Des Voeux Road Central,

Hong Kong 999077

If you wish to get further information about S.E.I, we prefer that you contact us by email as this is obviously much quicker.  Please feel free to contact us at...  sei@grp.starlight.ca

We look forward to contributing to a much needed social development towards a Global Village Mindset.





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