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Updated: 2016-04-04


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April 8, 2016


Man oh man, you should have seen the fish that got away.  It was this big !   And that's the point in my second post on LinkedIN and Facebook.  That's right, when it rains it pours, just like it did in Wuhan over the past few days.


So do take a look as I review and comment on the latest news to come out online... and offer a solution to the plight of the over-burdened middle-class on the verge of extinction at the hands of the greedy and selfish elite.  Check out my post v.2 on LinkedIN and Facebook.



April 8, 2016


Am very pleased to formally welcome Mr. Yao Xin (姚鑫) to the position of Student Coordinator.


His responsibility centers on promoting our vision and reports to parents, principaly in China, as well as our activities to students, and their parents, and even adults and other special cohorts.


He will also be a welcome addition to our brainstorming sessions wherein we discuss needed research and potential activities that will enable average citizens to benefit from the Global Village Mindset.


For futher details on this young professional, please check out his About-Us page.


April 7, 2016


I sometimes get hyped up about a social issue that I must write about it.  Good thing we have the internet and social media.


Recent news articles and social media posts confirm once again that our civilization is in dire straights.  As proof, check out a report by ICIJ, a professional journalists organization, and a great post by the Secretary General of the international economic think thank OECD.  Combined together, they paint a somber picture of global "leaders" behaviour.


With all the news about tax havens, greed, corruption, financial crises and mounting cynicism about society’s leaders and their lack of action to remedy the burden being pushed onto their middleclass citizens, and like most caring people, I am very upset with such anti-social trends and feel that S.E.I must step forward as a viable solution for those of like mind as us.  Check out my post on LinkedIN and Facebook.


April 7, 2016


Incredible !   S.E.I  IS  on the right track.  UCLA neuroscientists confirm that human beings are noble beings whose instincts are to be caring towards each other, to "follow" the Golden Rule.  Check out S.E.I 's News article.



April 4, 2016


Just a quick note to say that we continue to work on finding the right words for what is called a "15-second sound bite" video that we can use on social media as well as in an upcoming educaltural video series.  Should you have suggestions for such after reading the GVM update, then please don't hesitate to contact us.



December 10, 2015


Having "found" a worthy President, I can now concentrate on broader issues related to social research that, with synergistic analysis, will lead to initiatives that will be welcomed by S.E.I's supporters and sponsors, as well as the general public.

I look forward to working with other researchers and like-minded individuals and organizations to promote The Institute's growth as a thoughtful leader on social issues and presenting related solutions that have a profound impact on interested parties' lifestyles as we strive to improve their Global Village Mindset.



November 27, 2015


A few announcements this time.

I am pleased to confirm that our application to incorporate the Starlight Educaltural Institute in Hong Kong has been approved.  Interested parties may now send us "snail" mail at:   Suite 1005, Prosperous Bldg., 48-52 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong   999077.  Note that in these days of internet connectivity we much prefer the use of e-mails to stay in touch with fellow Global Villagers.

We have finally finalized the second issue of our Say it Loud ! newsletter.  You can get a glimpse of the upcoming Winter Issue here, and review in full the previous Summer (May) Issue while you are there.

Having just returned from an extended visit in Canada, for family, health and business reasons, I can now confirm the details of the planned 2016 Canada Guided Tour for qualifying Chinese middle and high school graduating students.  Registration starts now, on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Send an email to sei@grp.starlight.ca to indicate your interest.  Full details will be sent to you so you can be one of the first to book one of the limited "seats".


November 24, 2015


Heard John Lennon's "Imagine" song on RougeFM, a French language radio station in my hometown, and thought that the lyrics are an appropriate expression of the Starlight Educaltural Institute's vision... and mission.  Agree or disagree, let me know your thoughts... jacques.st.arnaud@grp.starlight.ca


November 22, 2015


Just a quick note to answer a couple of questions about S.E.I's website. 

The choice of the page background reflects the Institute's main activity of research, and its commitment to distribute its findings to ALL Global Citizens.  Since earliest times information has been printed on paper... from the first handwritten notes on papyrus to today's modern publishing techniques.  And since information empowers people, it is indeed very fitting in this context.

The web pages themselves are being created using basic html coding, but it is my hope that the Institute will attract quality caring webmasters to help us evolve this website into an efficient, effective social media venue to spread the word on the need for a Global Village Mindset throughout all societies.  


April 17, 2015


Welcome to the Starlight Educaltural Institute's website fellow Global Villagers.

I hope that you will find the information herein to be motivational as you travel on your path to developing a truly Global Village Mindset. 

My own path as been a long one, rather similar to your own... filled with many ups and downs, and therefore in need of motivationals such as music, videos and especially writings.

I am therefore more than pleased with the development of S.E.I. and its incorporation as an educational and cultural research institute based in Hong Kong that will expand on my own ongoing endeavours as I join with liked-minded professionals who share a belief in a Global Village Mindset.

GVM is something that is a must and which is best promoted to youngsters.  That is why I am including a Tour Canada opportunity for some deserving local Wuhan students as part of my 6-month business-personal visit to Canada this summer.  (Note that Tour Canada will be initiated only when 48 students and 8 Chinese adults are registered.)

Here's to humanity and our need to take action through a Global Village Mindset to ensure that we do not become the next "extinct species" on this fragile Blue Marble cosmic spaceship.




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